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Bishops on the Bible: Eight bishops on the role and relevance of the Bible today

Author: Taylor, John V; Author: Graham, Alec; Author: Selby, Peter; Author: Jenkins, David; Author: Hope, David; Author: Goodrich, Philip; Author: Montefiore, Hugh; Author: Oliver, John Category: B0: Bible - General Book No: 143 Available

The go-between God: The holy spirit and the Christian mission

Author: Taylor, John V Category: H5: Doctrine - Holy Spirit Book No: 1267 Available

The primal vision: Christian presence amid African religion

Author: Taylor, John V; Editor: Warren, M A C Category: K: Comparative Religion Book No: 1646 Available

A matter of life and death

Author: Taylor, John V Category: P1: Sermons Book No: 2429 Available
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