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Apostle and bishop: A study of the gospel, the ministry and the church-community

Author: Herbert, A G Category: G3.0: History - Church history: general Book No: 698 Available

Christus victor: An historical study of the three main types of the idea of the atonement

Author: Aulen, Gustaf; Translator: Herbert, A G Category: H3: Doctrine - Atonement and sacrifice Book No: 1224 Available

Eucharistic faith & practice: Evangelical & Catholic

Author: Brilioth, Yngve; Translator: Herbert, A G Category: H8: Doctrine - Sacraments Book No: 1359 Available

Agape and Eros: A study of the Christian idea of love Part I

Translator: Herbert, A G; Author: Nygren, Anders Category: J2: Philosophy - Nature of reality: existence of God Book No: 1488 Available
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