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The Council and reunion

Translator: Hastings, Cecily; Author: Kung, Hans Category: G3.73: History - Christian unity Book No: 980 Available

On being a Christian

Author: Kung, Hans; Translator: Quinn, Edward Category: H0: Doctrine - General dogmatics Book No: 1049 Available

Structures of the Church

Translator: Attanasio, Salvator; Author: Kung, Hans Category: H7: Doctrine - Church Book No: 1315 Available

Global responsibility: In search of a new world ethic

Translator: Bowden, John; Author: Kung, Hans Category: I0: Ethics - General Book No: 1398 Available

Christianity and world religions: Paths of dialogue with Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism

Author: Bechert, Heinz; Author: Ess, Josef von; Author: Kung, Hans; Author: Stietencron, Heinrich von Category: K: Comparative Religion Book No: 1628 Available
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