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A commentary on St Paul's epistle to the Galatians based on lectures delivered by Martin Luther at the University of Wittenberg in the year 1531 and first published in 1535: A revised and completed translation based on the 'Middleton' edition of the English version of 1575

Author: Luther, Martin; Editor: Watson, Philip S; Translator: Watson, Philip S Category: E4.3: New Testament - Galatians Book No: 521 Available

Luther: letters of spiritual counsel

General editor: Dusen, Henry P van; Author: Luther, Martin; General editor: McNeill, John T; Editor: Tappert, Theodore G; Translator: Tappert, Theodore G; General editor: Baillie, John Category: G3.4: History - Reformation & 17th century Book No: 832 Available

Luther's meditations on the gospels

Translator: Bainton, Roland H; Compiler: Bainton, Roland H; Author: Luther, Martin Category: L0: Spirituality - General Book No: 1718 Available

The Theologia Germanica of Martin Luther

Translator: Hoffman, Bengt; Introduction: Hoffman, Bengt; Commentator: Hoffman, Bengt; Author: Luther, Martin; Editor: Payne, Richard J Category: L1: Spirituality - Mysticism Book No: 1832 Available
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