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William Law, nonjuror and mystic: author of 'A serious call to a devout and holy life' &c. formerly fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge: a sketch of his life, character, and opinions

Author: Overton, J H Category: N2: Biography & letters - Individual biography & letters Book No: 2206 Available

The English Church from the accession of George I to the end of the eighteenth century (1714-1800)

Editor: Hunt, William; Author: Overton, John H; Author: Relton, Frederic; Editor: Stephens, W R W Category: G3.0: History - Church history: general Book No: 671 Available

Life in the English church (1660-1714)

Author: Overton, J H Category: G3.4: History - Reformation & 17th century Book No: 816 Available
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