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The English Prayer Book 1549-1662

Contributor: Cuming, G J; Contributor: Dugmore, C W; Contributor: Parker, T M; Contributor: Ramsey, Michael; Contributor: Ratcliff, E C Category: R4.6: Liturgy - Other publications of the Alcuin Club Book No: 2651 Available

The Coronation Service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a short historical introduction explanatory notes and an appendix

Introduction: Ratcliff, Edward C; Notes: Ratcliff, Edward C Category: R2: Liturgy - Other liturgical texts Book No: 2634 Available

Liturgical studies

Editor: Couratin, A H; Author: Ratcliff, E C; Editor: Tripp, D H Category: R0: Liturgy - General Book No: 2533 Available

The Booke of Common Prayer of the Churche of England: its making and revisions M.D.xlix. - M.D.clxi. Set forth in eighty illustrations. With introduction and notes

Author: Ratcliff, Edward C Category: R1.1: Liturgy - Book of Common Prayer Book No: 2568 Available
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