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Atlas of the Bible

Author: Grollenberg, L H; Editor: Reid, Joyce M H; Translator: Reid, Joyce M H; Editor: Rowley, H H; Translator: Rowley, H H Category: B0: Bible - General Book No: 2869 Available

Dictionary of the Bible

Reviser: Grant, Frederick C; Author: Hastings, James; Reviser: Rowley, H H Category: A2: General reference - Dictionaries etc Book No: 2692 Reference Only

Peake's commentary on the Bible

Editor: Black, Matthew; Editor: Rowley, H H Category: B2.0: Bible - General Commentaries Book No: 2700 Available

The growth of the Old Testament

Editor: James, E O; Author: Rowley, H H Category: C1.1: Old Testament - Introduction Book No: 196 Available

Studies in Old Testament prophecy. Presented to Professor Theodore H Robinson Litt.D., D.D., D.Th. by the Society for Old Testament Study on his sixty-fifth birthday August 9th 1946

Editor: Rowley, H H Category: C2.5: Old Testament - Prophets Book No: 287 Available

Myth in the New Testament

Advisory editor: Filson, Floyd V; Author: Henderson, Ian; Advisory editor: Manson, T W; Advisory editor: Rowley, H H; Advisory editor: Wright, G Ernest Category: E1.1: New Testament - Introduction Book No: 345 Available

Reason in religion

Author: Ferre, Nels F S; General editor: Rowley, H H Category: J2: Philosophy - Nature of reality: existence of God Book No: 1539 Available
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