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Cyril Forster Garbett Archbishop of York

Author: Smyth, Charles Category: N2: Biography & letters - Individual biography & letters Book No: 2246 Available

Church and parish: studies in church problems, illustrated from the parochial history of St Margaret's, Westminster: The Bishop Paddock Lectures for 1953-4

Author: Smyth, Charles Category: M1: Pastoralia - General Book No: 1936 Available

The art of preaching: a practical survey of preaching in the Church of England 747-1939

Author: Smyth, Charles Category: M1.1: Pastoralia - Preaching Book No: 1955 Available

The Church and the nation: Six studies in the Anglican tradition. Introduced by the sermon preached by Archbishop Lord Fisher at his Enthronement in Canterbury Cathedral in 1945

Author: Fisher, Geoffrey Francis; Author: Smyth, Charles Category: G2.2: History - English history Book No: 659 Available

The genius of the Church of England: Two lectures given at the Archbishop of York's Clergy School, July, 1946

Author: Rawlinson, A E J; Author: Smyth, Charles Category: H7: Doctrine - Church Book No: 1338 Available
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