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The shadow of the Galilean: The quest of the historical Jesus in narrative form

Translator: Bowden, John; Author: Theissen, Gerd Category: E1.3: New Testament - Background: history Book No: 2712 Available


Translator: Bowden, John; Author: Grollenberg, Lucas Category: E1.6: New Testament - Lives of Jesus Book No: 426 Available

How to read the New Testament

Translator: Bowden, John; Author: Charpentier, Etienne Category: E1.1: New Testament - Introduction Book No: 863 Available

The Johannine circle: Its place in Judaism, among the disciples of Jesus and in early Christianity. A study in the origin of the gospel of John

Translator: Bowden, John; Author: Cullman, Oscar Category: E2.41: New Testament - John – gospels Book No: 865 Available

New Testament theology Part One The proclamation of Jesus

Translator: Bowden, John; Advisory editor: Evans, C F; Advisory editor: Filson, Floyd V; Author: Jeremias, Joachim; Advisory editor: Moule, C F D; Advisory editor: Richardson, Alan Category: E1.2: New Testament - Structure of New Testament theology Book No: 869 Available
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