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Natural theology. Comprising "Nature and Grace" by Professor Dr. Emil Brunner and the reply "No!" by Dr. Karl Barth

Author: Barth, Karl; Author: Brunner, Emil; Translator: Fraenkel, Peter Category: H0: Doctrine - General dogmatics Book No: 1006 Available

Der Mittler Zur Besinnung uber den Christusglauben

Author: Brunner, Emil Category: H3: Doctrine - Atonement and sacrifice Book No: 1226 Available

Gott und Mensch: vier Untersuchungen uber das personhafte Sein

Author: Brunner, Emil Category: H6.1: Doctrine - Grace Book No: 1288 Available

The mediator. A study of the central doctrine of the Christian faith

Author: Brunner, Emil; Translator: Wyon, Olive Category: H1: Doctrine - Incarnation Book No: 3121 Available
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